3 Weekly Planners for 2024

Last week, I shared the release date for Puffin Pages Co's 2024 printable planners (it's 14 September!) plus a preview of the 2024 daily planners.

This week, it's all about the 2024 weekly planners 🎉

I did make a significant change to the design of the dated weekly planners, which I'll talk about more further down in this post.

If you want to try them out before committing for 2024, the undated versions will be discounted at 20% off for the entire week of 21 to 27 August 2023.

Weekly Planner No. 3

Weekly Planner No. 3 by Puffin Pages Co


We can't have a 2024 lineup without this bestseller!

I think what makes this layout so popular is that its the perfect hybrid of weekly and daily planners - you get plenty of space for daily tasks but with the compactness of a weekly planner.

For 2024, I switched up the date format from 01 Jan to Jan 01.

Weekly Planner No. 11

Weekly Planner No. 11 by Puffin Pages Co

This planner has all the components of a classic weekly layout - daily overview, to do list, top priorities and notes section.

One change for 2024 is that the days of week text (Mon - Sun) are no longer on their side. I think this gives the design a more polished finish.

*New* Weekly Planner No. 17

Weekly Planner No. 17 by Puffin Pages Co

Not a new design but a new addition to the dated lineup!

I was so excited to add this one to the 2024 collection because it lends itself so well to a dated version. I love how the date and day sit neatly at the top left-hand corner, allowing you plenty of writing space.

More About 2024 Lineup

Here are some extra details about the 2024 weekly planners:

  • They are dated from 1 January to 29 December 2024 (Week 1 to Week 52).
  • Available as Monday start only.
  • The files are formatted for double-sided printing.
  • For Weekly Planner No. 11, the files are formatted for continuous double-sided printing (in other words, they're not designed to be separable by month or week).

Now, for the significant changes:

  • For Weekly Planners No. 3 and No. 17, the files are designed to be separable by week. 
  • Each week will have its own cover page PLUS a lined notes page as a back page. 

This means that you can separate them by week and by month. It also means that you can easily print them starting from any time of the year (looking at you planner hoppers 😉).

The one downside is that it does add bulk if you want the entire year in your planner at once. But, you can always reach out for a custom order if this is the case and I'll be happy to reformat the files for you.

So, which weekly planner will be your pick for 2024?

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