Four Affordable Personal Wide Ring Planners

The personal wide size is very similar to the personal size, with the only difference being that the personal wide size is exactly one inch wider. Despite being the lesser-known cousin of the popular personal size, personal wide planners can be a great option if you’re looking for a planner size that offers portability and plenty of writing space. Measuring at 6.75 by 4.75 inches, the personal wide size is more compact than the A5 size but less narrow than the personal size.

The one downside to it is that it is not as widely-available as the personal or A5 size planners. This means that options for things like planners covers, accessories and inserts might be limited, especially if you’re on a budget.

This post compiles a list of personal wide planner covers that are under USD$100.

#1 Kikki.K B6 Personal Planner

Price guide: $69.99

Kikki.K is a Australia-based stationery retailer that offers a wide variety of ring-bound planners. Whilst they don’t sell personal wide planners exactly, many personal wide users have said that their B6 planners works perfectly for the personal wide size.

#2 Moterm Luxe Personal Wide Planner

Price guide: $74.99

Moterm is a China-based leather products manufacturer and is a popular option in the planner community. They offer leather planners with high-quality workmanship but are still cost-effective.

You can buy brand-new planners directly from them via AliExpress or you could check Buy/Sell/Trade groups on Facebook for second-hand options.

#3 Yard and the Leathersmith

Price guide: $75.00

Yard and the Leathersmith is handmade leather products maker and you can only purchase by contacting them via Instagram. But, the great thing about them is that you can customise your planner and really make it your own (and it still doesn’t cost a fortune!).

Yard and the Leathersmith comes highly-recommended with plenty of rave reviews from the planner community.

#4 PrintPression B6 Planner

Price guide: $55.00

PrintPression planners are the most affordable option on this list. No surprise there, as the founder created the products with the explicit aim of making them affordable for everyone. Like Kikki.K, their B6 planners are also suitable as a personal wide size planners.

PrintPression is also a vegan-friendly option as they only use faux leather for their planners.

Mid-Range Options

If you are looking to spend a little extra, then you could also check out places like Naya Paperie and Aura Estelle. They both offer a wide variety of options for personal wide planners and have received plenty of five-star reviews.

Personal wide planners is a great option to try if you are still looking for that perfect planner size. If you already have your personal wide planner ready, why not head over to check out our collection of printable personal wide inserts. There are more than 100 printable inserts available (including freebies!) to help you create your perfect personal wide planner setup.

Disclaimer: price guides are based on the prices available online at the time of publication.

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