5 Ways to Use Weekly Planner No. 9

The Weekly Planner No. 9 is definitely one of my favourite insert from our most recent release. I love the versatility of the layout and how it can be adapted for different planning style. Plus, it’s our first ever horizontal weekly planner!

When I designed the insert, I initially made it for meal planning in my pocket planner. I needed a simple weekly layout that has three sections for breakfast, lunch and dinner (voilà, the blank version of the Weekly No. 9 was born!). After playing around with the design for a few weeks, I found that it would also be perfect with both lined and grid line elements. And that opened a whole new world of possibilities.

So here is my list of five ways to use the Weekly No. 9.

Plan your hourly schedule

Weekly Planner No. 9 with grid design used for planning hourly schedule

The grid or lined versions are both perfect for this. You can use the left-side most column to write in the hours of the day. Since its blank, you have the flexibility of starting as early (or as late) as you need to.

Alternatively, divide your day

If you have a more flexible schedule but still want some structure to your day, you can use the planner to divide your day into morning, afternoon and evening. You can then write down any time-specific appointments or just write down the tasks you plan to complete during those times.

Create your own sections

One of the reason I love this insert is that you have complete freedom to create your own sections according to what fits your planning style and needs. For example, the top section can be used for schedule, middle section for a to-do list and the bottom section for notes.

Other combinations that you could also try out:

  • Priorities/schedule/to-do list
  • Schedule/to-do list/meals
  • Priorities/appointments/notes

Tip: the PDF files are not locked – so you can even type in your sections!

Weekly Planner No. 9 with lined design used for daily planning

Categorise your tasks

If you follow our Instagram page, you might have caught on that my favourite daily is the Daily Planner No. 9. I love that I can divide my to-do list into personal tasks and work tasks. If you like that idea too, you can accomplish the same thing with the Weekly No. 9. Just like how you can create your own sections, you can also create categories for your to-do list such as personal, work, school or project-specific to-do lists.

For meal planning (of course!).

The original reason for its creation – weekly meal planning. Personally, I love planning each meal (I find it makes online grocery shopping a lot easier). But, if you only plan for dinners, you can still use it and have three weeks of dinner plans on one page instead.

Weekly Planner No. 9 used for meal planning

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how you can use the Weekly Planner No. 9. Its available for download here.

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