How To Plan Your 2022 Goals (and stick to them)

The start of a new year can be an exciting time. The new year presents a new opportunity to work towards fresh, new goals and resolutions. I know goal setting is always at the top of my to-do list when the new year rolls around.

Everyone has a unique approach when it comes to setting and planning goals. Personally, I love using this Goal Planner Bundle to not only set my goals but to also monitor my progress and hold myself accountable.

Here is how I use my planner to set goals for 2022:

Do an annual review

Before I start planning my goals for the new year, I always make sure to review my goals and accomplishments in the past year. I use the Review insert to write down my accomplishments and any obstacles that I faced or anything that I found to be challenging. I also make a note of any goals that I didn't attempt or achieve. This gives me a good starting point for the new year. 

I also love writing down my favourite memories from last year. This helps me get in a positive mindset when planning for the future.

Set new year's resolutions

We all know that setting new year's resolutions is the easy part; it's sticking to them that is challenging. This is why we designed this Resolutions insert to solve this exact problem. This insert features a space for breaking down resolutions into daily, weekly and monthly habits. By cultivating consistent and positive habits, it makes it so much easier to stick to new year's resolutions.

For example, one of my resolutions is to be more physically active. I break this down by daily habits of doing stretches every morning and logging at least 6,000 steps; weekly habit of doing physical activity such as swimming or bouldering; and monthly habit of tracking my activities.

Break down the big goals

Setting goals for the entire year can be intimidating. Often you will find yourself asking, "Where do I even start?!". I overcome this by breaking down big, scary goals into smaller, more actionable tasks. This not only makes it more manageable, but I can also build momentum over time.

The Goals insert is designed especially for this purpose. It provides the space to break down one big goal into smaller milestones. It even features a column for due dates. This insert makes it easier to monitor your progress and accomplishments throughout the year.

Create a timeline

Creating a timeline using the Annual Plan insert helps me space out the tasks over time and make sure I don't attempt to do everything overnight (and then failing miserably!). I also find it helpful to have a timeline so I can keep track of my progress and make sure I'm still on the right path to achieve my goals by the year end.

And that's it! In four short steps, I have all of my goals, resolutions and plans set for the entire year. If you're still looking for the perfect goal-setting system, I hope this post provided you with some inspiration!

You can also check out our full range of Goal Setting planners for more ideas.

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