My Sunday Reset Routine

Sundays can be a little bittersweet; it signals the end of the weekend and the start of the new work week (hello Monday blues). Personally, I love Sundays. The fact that the next day is Monday gives me the perfect excuse to set aside a little time for myself to reset and re-centre my energy and intentions.

This is where my Sunday reset routine comes in.

For me, a reset routine is a set of steps that I can do to get myself into a positive mindset so that I can start my day or week feeling refreshed and energised. I find that doing this helps me be more productive and focused during the week.

So, I thought I would share my Sunday reset routine in the hopes that it will inspire you to incorporate something similar into your Sundays.

Without further delay, here is my Sunday reset routine.


I always try to start my day with a little bit of yoga and Sundays are no different. I find that it not helps me warm up for the day, but also helps de-clutter my thoughts and eliminate any stress that I have accumulated throughout the week.

You don’t have to be a yoga pro to do this (I’m certainly not). YouTube and Pinterest both have great resources. I just search for beginners yoga routines and follow along.


One thing that I cannot stand is clutter and mess in my home, especially in areas where I need to be productive. For this reason, I have made a detailed cleaning schedule.

As part of my Sunday reset routine, I do a little tidy up of my work and living spaces. This usually involves putting things back where they belong, fixing or replacing anything that’s broken and dealing with any clutter that I have been avoiding during the week.


A habit that I recently picked up is journaling. I was recently gifted a pocket-size notebook, which I find is the perfect size for journaling. The pages are small enough that it does not feel overwhelming but spacious enough to write comfortably.

When I journal, I try to focus on my thoughts and emotions, including anything that is causing stress or anxiety. Writing them down on paper helps me process my emotions better and helps me think more clearly. Hence why I incorporate it as part of my Sunday reset routine. When I write things down, I avoid bottling up my emotions and carrying them with me into the new week.


Last but not least, plan for the week (of course!).

Before that though, I try to clear up any pending tasks from last week that I didn’t manage to complete. I try not to bring forward too many tasks because I believe that a new week calls for new goals.

If I find that there are too many tasks from previous weeks left incomplete, I try to adjust my weekly goals and to do list so that they are more realistic. I even allocate time to catch up on tasks (this is usually on Thursday or Friday). You can read more about how I plan my week for productivity.

And there you have it – my Sunday reset routine! It may seem simple but it goes a long way in helping me stay productive throughout the week and I hope that it can help you do the same.

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