Our Top 5 Best Selling Printable Inserts

So you got a brand new planner cover and now you just have to to decide what to put in it. Inserts, dividers, dashboards, accessories?

Building a new, custom planning system can be a daunting task, especially with all the options available out there. I thought I could help make the process a little easier for you by highlighting some of Puffin Pages Co best selling printable inserts.

These inserts are not only our bestsellers, they are also often featured on Instagram and YouTube by others in the planner community.

1. Daily Planner No. 7

This 2 Days on 1 page insert is perfect if you're looking for a compact yet highly-versatile Daily Planner. It features a top 3 priorities section, grid notes section and a checklist. You can even switch the checklist to a schedule by adding times.

This insert is also my go-to daily. I use the priorities section for appointments, reminders or important tasks for the day. I also find that separating work and personal tasks works really well for my productivity so I use the grid section for any chores or errands whilst the checklist section is reserved for work tasks.

Daily Planner No. 7 in Pocket Size

Daily Planner No. 7 in pocket size

2. Weekly Planner No. 3

Our most-loved Weekly insert! This layout is enjoyed by both minimal and decorative planners alike. You can keep it simple by using it as a daily checklist or dress it up with stickers and washi tapes. There is plenty of space for both planning and decorating.

You can also take a look at the Weekly Planner No. 2, which has a similar layout.

If you're still unsure, then check out this review video by Amanda (of AmandaLeighPlans), which features the Weekly Planner No. 3.

3. Monthly Overview

The Monthly Planner that has it all! This all-in-one insert features a monthly overview section, an undated calendar, important dates list, to-do list and a finance section. If monthly pre-planning is a big part of your planning system or if you just like having a bird's eye view of the entire month, then this insert can be the perfect addition to your planner.

Finance Overview Detailed Version in Pocket Size

Finance Overview (Detailed) in pocket size

4. Bill and Subscription Tracker

One of our oldest and most popular Finance planners. If you're finding it challenging to keep track of your recurring payments, then this insert could be the answer to your problems. You can easily track payments that occur monthly, quarterly and annually, along with the amount due and their due dates.

5. Finance Overview (Detailed)

This Finance Overview insert offers a simple but comprehensive monthly budgeting template. I love having the calendar since I can keep a note of paydays and any scheduled payments. The top 3 financial goals section is also one of my favourite features. It lets me breakdown big annual goals into smaller, more actionable goals on a monthly basis.

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