Self-Care Habits to Track in 2021

2020, whilst challenging, has also been the year where I started to pay more attention to how I was taking care of myself, both mentally and physically. Early in the lockdown period, I started practicing new, positive habits to help with my mental health wellbeing. I also started tracking how frequently I keep up with these habits.

I find that using a tracker gives me a small sense of accomplishment during what is mostly a monotonous period. It also made me more aware of how I was taking care of myself.

Now I plan on continuing this system for next year!



I wrote about how much I enjoy journaling and the benefits it brought me in my Sunday Reset Routine blog post. I have since switched to a standard Traveler’s Notebook for all my journaling needs.


I’m hoping that meditation will help me respond to situations in a more calm manner. Meditation is definitely something takes practice. I have been doing it for five minutes each day with the help of the Goodful YouTube channel.


Its easy to avoid doing your skincare routine when you’re having a bad skin day or just a bad day in general. This is where a tracker becomes all the more important. I also keep a reference of my skincare routine and the products I use with this freebie.


Or at least some form of physical activity.

I mentioned that I’ve recently started working out. I try to do it once every two days but despite noticing how much better I feel after a workout, remaining consistent continues to be a big challenge. I’m hoping a tracker will help with this. On days where I don’t have a workout scheduled, I plan on doing yoga or going for a walk.


As a self-identified workaholic, I’m guilty of ignoring the value of doing things simply for fun. I used to spend hours of my free time being engrossed in a book or completing a 1000-piece puzzle. Now, I feel guilty for even having any free time. It is definitely not a healthy mindset.

Which is why I’m determined to commit to a hobby I enjoy, even if it is not the productive. Sounds funny, forcing myself to enjoy my free time. But, like everything else, it takes practice.


Printable Daily Tracker No. 1

If like me, you’re planning on adding a tracking system to your planner, here are some simple but versatile inserts to help you do just that.

Daily Tracker No. 1

This is perfect for tracking routines on a monthly basis. You can write down a detailed routine on the left-side and then track it week-by-week.

Perfect for tracking: skincare routine, workout routine, cleaning routine, self-care routine.

Daily Tracker No. 2

This is designed to track one habit or routine for an entire year, on a weekly basis. This way, you can monitor your progress easily.

Perfect for tracking: a single habit or routine.

Daily Tracker No. 3

Another insert that provides a year at a glance. This insert is great for tracking things that you want to keep a record of for reference later.

Perfect for tracking: daily spending or savings, sleeping hours, mood, reading hours, period.

Freebie Checklist

I’ve talked about using this freebie as a planner inbox. But, you can also use it as a tracker. It was purposefully designed with seven columns on each side, one for each day of the week. If you’re hesitant about using a tracker, its a good starting point.

I hope this post has been helpful for you, if you’re still in the process of deciding on your 2021 setup. On a personal note, I’ll be using the Daily Tracker No. 1 because I enjoy the design and it fits my 2021 setup.

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