How to Add an Inbox to Your Planner

Spoiler alert: it involves using this free Checklist template.

The concept of an 'Inbox' in a productivity system was popularised by the Getting Things Done (GTD) method. Essentially, an Inbox helps you capture tasks in one place before deciding on follow-up actions.

Many have adapted this concept by adding an Inbox page or section to their planners. This is where they write things down before shifting them to the appropriate section (e.g.  calendar, dedicated to do lists or project sections).

How to add an Inbox to your planner

This free Checklist printable provides a simple and easy way to add an Inbox to your planner. The layout lets you add multiple entries on one page and it includes a 7-column checkboxes, allowing you to categorise your entries efficiently. You can use the categories suggested by GTD or create and define your own. 

As an example, the categories I have for my Inbox are: to do, to schedule, to buy, project and idea.

Once the entry has been dealt with, you can add a check mark on the left-side checkbox to indicate this.

I have seen Inbox placed at the start of a planner. Personally, I prefer having it at the start of each month - this way I don't have to flip all the way to the front when I need it and I can review my Inbox for that month.

Checklist planner in Personal size

Figuring out a planning system that works for you can be overwhelming sometimes, especially with so much information out there. This is why this Checklist template is designed to simplify the planning process whilst still offering flexibility.

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