How I Plan My Week As A Shop Owner

Weekly planning is definitely one of my favourite things to do as far as planning goes. There is just something about the start of the week that feels like a new opportunity to accomplish goals.

As a part-time planner shop owner, structuring my week does not only boost my productivity, but it also helps with accountability (i.e. I have it written down so I have to do it). This is especially helpful for someone who works for themselves and works from home.

Here is my approach to weekly planning for optimal productivity.

Step 1: Allocate time for planning

Yes, plan for planning. I find Sundays to be the best day for me to sit down and plan. That is the time when I feel most relaxed and I can think straight. I can also review last week's accomplishments (and challenges) and think about what I need to do for the next week.

Step 2: Review my monthly calendars

I maintain two calendars in my planner: a personal calendar and a shop calendar. At the start of each week, I review both to remind myself of any important dates such as events or appointments. My shop calendar is mostly project-based, so I would look at the projects that I have planned for that week and take note of any deadlines and deliverables.

Once I know what my week will look like, I start writing things down.

Step 3: List down tasks and goals

Printable Weekly Planner No. 1 in A5 size

First, I review the previous week to see if there are any personal or shop-related tasks that I need to bring forward. Then, using this Weekly Planner, I compile and write down a list of important tasks and goals that I want to accomplish for that week.

I sometimes struggle with being realistic, whereby I tend to schedule in way too many things and end up feeling overwhelmed. To overcome this, I select three things on my list as my top priorities. Everything else I would attempt if I have enough time.

Step 4: Plan each day

With my tasks and goals in hand, I start planning out each day of the week. Since I also use daily pages, I don't go into detail at this stage. Instead, I write a general theme or an overview of what I want to focus on that day. For example, if one of my goal is to publish a blog post on Friday, then I would allocate Tuesday or Wednesday to work on it.

I really enjoy this Weekly Planner because of how the daily section is divided into three columns. For planning purposes, I dedicate the first column for shop-related tasks, the second for personal tasks such as chores and appointments and the third for events or reminders.

Printable Weekly Planner No. 1 in A5 size

My weekly plan is now ready!

I can now use it as reference throughout the week to stay organised and productive.

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