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How to submit a size request order from Puffin Pages Co:

  1. Enter the URL or the name of the insert that you would like to purchase.
  2. Select your preferred size using the drop menu.
  3. Select the price of the original insert. The final price shown is the price of the original insert plus a flat £1.50 GBP charge.
  4. Then, add to cart and proceed to checkout when you're ready.

After checkout, you will receive a confirmation email and we'll start working on your order right away. Your size request order files will be delivered to you via email within 1-3 business days. We'll use the email you provide at checkout.

If your preferred size is not available here, you can submit a request via the custom order form.

PDF files included:

  • True Size (no marks): 1-per-page true to size without crop marks
  • True Size: 1-per-page true to size
  • Spread: 2-per-page or 4-per-page spread (for Pocket size)

Files have crop marks, unless stated otherwise.

Subject to Puffin Pages Co's Terms of Use.