16 Gift Ideas For Planner Lovers (UK Edition)

Do you have a planner lover in your life and you're stumped on what to get them for that special occasion? Or are you a planner lover yourself and looking for ideas to add to your own wish list? Either way, this is the article for you!

We are sharing 16 brilliant gift ideas for lovers of all things pen and paper. The best part is there is something for every budget.

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Gift ideas under £30

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Pack of 12: These water-based brush pen are perfect for lettering and bullet journaling. If you know someone who loves decorating in their planner or journal, then why not treat them to this gorgeous set of pens? Students would appreciate them too!

Brush Lettering Kit for Beginners: This is such a fun gift to give! This gift is perfect for anyone who have been itching to learn calligraphy.

IKEA Trolley: This might be a little out of the box suggestion. But who doesn't want their own planner trolley, right? This trolley is great for organising planner, crafts and stationery supplies.

Handcrafted Ceramic Mug: Any planner lover will have a favourite drink that they have whilst planning or journaling. This beautifully handcrafted mug is perfect for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Plus, they look great in an Instagram shot!

Dymo Label Maker: Label makers are such a handy tool to have around the house. They're great for keeping a home organised but more importantly, the labels can be used for DIY planner dividers.

Gift ideas under £20

Muji Acrylic Storage Boxes: Not only do these boxes look great on a desk or bookshelf, they are also the perfect size for storing and displaying stationeries. The best part is that these boxes are modular, which mean your gift receiver can customise their setup over time.

Acrylic Pen Organiser: If storage boxes are a little too much, then how about this acrylic pen and stationery organiser? They look great on an office desk or a vanity.

Pen Case and Organiser: If your loved ones are always on the go, then this pen case can be the perfect gift! It offers plenty of space for pens and stationeries whilst still being compact enough to be carried around or placed in bags.

Puffin Pages Co Bestselling Planner Refills: Planner refills are always handy to have on hand! These refills are undated which means they can be used at any time of the year. They're also packaged in custom tissue paper and envelopes so you don't have to worry about gift-wrapping them.

Oli Block x Filofax Magnetic Clip: Oli Block magnetic clips are a hot commodity in the planner community. They're useful for clipping loose pieces of paper like sticky notes, memos or receipts. The Filofax and Oli Block collaboration has four unique designs to choose from.

Gift ideas under £10

Executive Weekly Deskpad by Crossbow Planner Co:  Not only is this desk pad super functional, they also look great on a desk. If you know anyone who works from home or in the office, this desk pad will definitely give their productivity a major boost.

Zebra Mildliner Highlighters: If the Tombow brush pen are out of your budget, then check out these Zebra Mildliner highlighters. They come in various colours and are perfect for planning and bullet journaling.

Sticky Tabs: These multicolour sticky tabs are an essential accessory for planners and bullet journalers alike! There are 1200 tabs available so you can be sure they will never run out for a very long time.

Icon stickers by Kolour Cafe: How cute are these mini icon stickers?! And I'm guessing they will look even better in a planner. These icon stickers are a must-have planner accessory. They work great as stocking stuffers or to complement a bigger gift.

Shape stickers by Plan x Stowe: Whilst we're on the subject of stickers, check out these shape stickers that are available in more than 10 different colours You can pick their favourite colour or mix and match.

If All Else Fails

We highly doubt this happened BUT if nothing on this list is suitable or appeals to you, there is always the gift card route. Etsy offers digital gift cards, ranging from £15 to £125 so you can choose the option that best fits your budget. As planner lovers ourselves, we know that an Etsy gift card will be very much appreciated.

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