Frequently Asked Questions

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Digital Products

Puffin Pages Co sells printable planner pages and inserts, which are a type of digital product. 

When you purchase a digital product from Puffin Pages Co, no physical items will be shipped to you. Instead, you will receive a link to download the files. The files will be in PDF format. You can then download the files and print as any copies as you need for your own personal use.

Additional information on how to download and print the files can be found below.

What are printable planners?

Read our Introduction to Printable Planners here for a quick-start guide.

How do I purchase the products?

Click on the product that you'd like to purchase, select the size that you need and add it to cart. When you're ready to checkout, click on your shopping cart and follow the checkout process.

A complete list of sizes on offer can be found below. If you're unsure of what size you need, contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

Where can I find the link to download my purchase?

You can find the link to download your purchase in two places:

  1. On the page after checkout is completed; and

  2. In the email sent after the payment is completed.

Please ensure the email you have entered is accurate. If you can't find the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder or contact us to have the email re-sent.

What files are included with the products?

All of our printable products come with three files: SpreadTrue Size and True Size (No Marks).

Spread files contain two or four-per-page spreads with crop marks for printing onto A4 or Letter paper and trimming.

True Size files contain one-per-page insert with crop marks for printing directly onto pre-cut paper OR for printing one-per-page on a larger paper such as A4 or Letter and trimming.

True Size (No Marks) files contain one-per-page insert without crop marks for printing directly onto pre-cut paper.

What software do I need to print the files?

The files will be in PDF file format contained within a ZIP file. We recommend using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and print the files, which can be downloaded for free here.

How do I print the files?

Test inserts and printing guides are available here. The printing guides offer a comprehensive guide on how to print the files from Puffin Pages Co.

This blog post also explains common printing issues and how you can fix them.

Contact us if you still need support with printing.

Can I edit the inserts?

You can make minor edits to the inserts such as adding lines, text or colour. We recommend editing the files using PDF editors such as Adobe Acrobat DC.

Edited inserts still fall under Puffin Pages Co’s Terms of Use and are for personal use only.

Shipping & Delivery (Physical Products)

In addition to digital products, Puffin Pages Co also sells printed planner inserts. These are physical products that will be shipped to you.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

You can find out about our latest processing times and estimated delivery times in our Shipping Policy. Please note that the delivery times are estimates provided by the Royal Mail and cannot be guaranteed.

We highly recommend opting for shipping with tracking to minimise the risk of your parcels getting lost, stolen or wrongly delivered.

How can I get free delivery?

All orders for printed inserts that are above £50 GBP are eligible for free delivery with tracking.

My order has not arrived. What can I do?

We’re sorry your order has not arrived!

If the delivery address is outside of the UK, your package may have gotten delayed at customs. We suggest giving it a few more days to turn up. In the meantime, you can also check with neighbours or other members of your household in case the package has been misplaced.

If it has been 6 weeks or more since your order date, please get in touch and we will either provide a refund or send a replacement. Your package would be considered a lost package at this point.

I made a mistake with my order/There is an error with my order.

Please contact us as soon as possible after placing or receiving your order and we will do our best to fix any errors or issues.

Discounts, Freebies and Newsletter

Where can I find discount codes?

The best way to be notified of the latest sales and discount codes is via the newsletter. You will also receive 10% off discount code when you subscribe to the newsletter here  or via this signup page.

We also update Puffin Pages Co's Instagram page with any new discount codes, including any available affiliate codes.

How do I apply the discount code?

You can claim the discount by typing in the discount code at the checkout page.

How can I access freebies?

A number of free printables can be accessed on the Freebies page. To download the freebies, just select a size, add it to your shopping cart and when you're ready to checkout, you can proceed to the checkout page.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter to get notified of new freebie releases.

How do I subscribe to the newsletter?

You can subscribe to the newsletter on the Home page, during the checkout process or via this signup page.

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

At the bottom of the newsletter sent to your inbox, there is a link that you can click to unsubscribe. Alternatively, contact us to have your email removed from our subscribers list.

Sizing Details and Custom Requests

Sizing details.

 Size Name IN MM
Pocket 3.19 x 4.72 81 x 120
A6 4.13 x 5.83 105 x 148
Personal 3.75 x 6.75 95 x 171
FC Compact 4.25 x 6.75 108 x 171
Personal Wide 4.75 x 6.75 121 x 171
Mini HP 4.625 x 7 117 x 178
A5 5.83 x 8.27 148 x 210
Half Letter 5.5 x 8.5 140 x 216

The size I want is unavailable. Can I place a size request order?

Yes. If you would like to purchase a printable insert that is not available in your preferred size, you can place a size request order.

The price for a size request order is the price of the original insert plus a flat £1.50 GBP charge. The average processing time is 1-3 business days.

Open this page to place a size request order and follow the instructions provided on the page.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes. We can make adjustments to existing printable inserts available in the Puffin Pages Co shop or create a brand new insert specifically designed to meet your planning needs.

To submit a custom order request, fill in this custom order form. Further instructions are available on the page.

Please note that, due to copyright, we may refuse a custom order request if the design is too similar to a design from other insert or planner shops.

Please note that custom orders and size request orders are only available for printable inserts and not printed inserts.

How much does a custom insert cost?

As a guide, the price list is as follows:

£5 GBP
  • Minor adjustments to the inserts available in the Puffin Pages Co shop, including adding or removing text, lines or sections.
£8 GBP
  • Size request orders with minor adjustments.
  • A new insert that is based on one or more inserts available in the shop, a brand new design or your own design.
£12+ GBP
  • A set of new inserts (with 3 or more unique pages).
  • A new insert with complex components such as dated, fillable or editable.

Please note that this price list only serves as a guide. The final price will be provided after you have submitted the custom order form.

How can I access and download the custom insert?

Your custom printable insert will be delivered via email. As a guide, the average processing time for a custom order is 1-3 business days within receipt of payment.

We'll use the email you provide at checkout to deliver the custom insert. Please ensure that the email address entered is accurate.

If you can't find the email after 3 business days, check your Spam folder or get in touch so we can re-send the email.

What if there is something I want to change about my custom insert?

Each custom insert comes with one free revision. You can claim the free revision within 7 days of receiving the email with your custom insert.

To claim the free revision, simply reply to that email and we'll get back to you with the revised custom insert.

Can I include multiple custom inserts as part of one order?

Yes, you can include multiple custom inserts as part of a single order. Be sure to include the details of all custom inserts in the custom order form. You can also submit multiple custom order forms if that is easier.