3 Daily Planners for the Summer

It's summertime and school's out!

If you have less things to plan during these summer months but you still want to keep a daily planning routine going, then I have the perfect solution for you: 2 days on 1 page planners!

The three planners I'm sharing here have a more compact design than standard daily planners but they still offer plenty of space for your schedule and to-do list.

Daily Planner No. 6

Daily Planner No. 6 by Puffin Pages Co

The beauty of this planner is in its simplicity. Left side for your schedule and right side for your to-do list. Minimal and clutter-free!

Daily Planner No. 7

Daily Planner No. 7 by Puffin Pages Co

One of Puffin Pages Co's bestseller! And honestly, this planner works all year round. I designed this with the compulsive list-maker in mind (myself included 😆).

Daily Planner No. 8

Daily Planner No. 8 by Puffin Pages Co

If you can't decide between the No. 6 and 7, then let me introduce you to the Daily Planner No. 8. This design is a hybrid of the two, with a smaller section for a to-do list.

More Planner Things

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Happy planning!

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