3 Daily Planners for Time Blocking

Time blocking is a productivity method where you dedicate specific blocks of time for different tasks or activities. You'll always know what you'll work on and when - which means no more multi-tasking or doing tasks randomly!

These three daily planners are perfect if you want to implement time blocking in your day-to-day planning routine!

Daily Planner No. 12

Daily Planner No. 12 by Puffin Pages Co

Besides the half hourly schedule, the grid section offers lots of flexible space that you can turn into to-do lists.

Daily Planner No. 1

Daily Planner No. 1 by Puffin Pages Co

Puffin Pages Co's first ever daily planner! This one has extra space at the top to write down a quote of the day and get you in the zone.

Daily Planner No. 16

Daily Planner No. 16 by Puffin Pages Co

A younger sibling of the Daily Planner No. 15, this one has a more structured layout for your top priorities, to do list and daily notes.

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