3 Planner Inserts to Try in July 2023

Hello July!

To start the month off on the right foot, I wanted to share 3 planner inserts that I'll be using this month to help me stay organised.

These are all from our April release and they have quickly grown to be some of my all-time favourites.

Daily Planner No. 15

Daily Planner No. 15 by Puffin Pages Co

How I use it: for time blocking and writing down daily tasks.

I've been finding it helpful to breakdown my to-do list into categories:

  • Top priority
  • Secondary priority
  • If I have extra time
  • Chores & errands 

Weekly Planner No. 28

Weekly Planner No. 28 by Puffin Pages Co

How I use it: I use the Priorities section to list down things I must do this week whilst everything else goes into the To Do section.

Since there's no Monday to Sunday section, I use the Notes section to write down any day-specific things happening that week.

Monthly Planner No. 12


Monthly Planner No. 12 by Puffin Pages Co

How I use it: as a calendar to keep track of any reminders, events or activities.

I think this monthly layout is the perfect companion to the Weekly Planner No. 28.

More Planner Things

Besides planner inserts, I also wanted to share this A5 planner that I have been using and loving!

Some reasons why I love it (and I think you might too):

  • 30mm ring so you can fit a lot of pages comfortably
  • Lie perfectly flat - easy to write and take photos 😉
  • Lots of pockets for stickers and cards
  • An elastic pen loop so even the chunkiest pen can fit

There are also 6 different colour options. Mine is the Midnight Blue.

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