3 Planner Inserts to Try In August 2023

Hello August!

New month means new planner inserts to try! That's a good excuse right?

I wanted to share three planner inserts that I think you'll love, especially if you use smaller sizes like pocket and personal.

Large Checklist Duo

Large Checklist Duo by Puffin Pages Co

When I was in pocket size, I loved using these checklists because they're super spacious.

They're also great as planner inboxes if you're thinking of incorporating the GTD method into your planning routine.

Weekly Planner No. 13

Weekly Planner No. 13 by Puffin Pages Co

To do list? ✔ Overview? ✔ Schedule? ✔ Habit tracker? ✔

This weekly planner truly has everything. It's such a reliable planner and you don't have to compromise, even when using smaller sizes.

Monthly Planner No. 11

Monthly Planner No. 11 by Puffin Pages Co

If you want to track habits or routines on a monthly basis, this ultimate calendar/tracker combo has got you covered. 

Personally, I love horizontal calendar layouts, especially for narrow sizes like personal size.

More Planner Things

If you're using undated planner inserts but get tired of dating them by hand, why not try using planner stickers instead? It's great for adding a bit of colour and for maintaining visual consistency throughout your planner.

Here are some options that caught my eye:

  • Option 1 - Love the colour palette on this one but not crazy about the font style.
  • Option 2 - A transparent one for the minimalists out there.
  • Option 3 - Silver foiled option; Love the colour combo and font choice.
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