3 Planner Inserts to Try This Week

Here are three inserts that I'm adding to my planner this week.

Weekly Planner No. 25

Weekly Planner No. 25

How I use it: to keep track of my weekly priorities and daily tasks.

I use the checklist section to write down my top priorities or goals for the week. For the daily section I divide it into two parts:

  • Appointments and events
  • To-do list

Daily Tracker No. 1

Daily Tracker No. 1

How I use it: to track daily habits throughout the entire month.

Since it’s June, I label the ‘Week’ column with Week 23 to 26. I've been trying to improve some self-care habits so for this month I’m tracking the following:

  • get 8 hours of sleep each night
  • read for 20 minutes each day
  • 6,000 steps a day

Workflow Chart

Workflow Chart and Checklist

How I use it: as a weekly inbox or brain dumping section.

The columns are labelled to do, to schedule, to buy, project and idea/someday so I can easily process or organise the inbox later.

More Planner Things

Besides planner inserts, here are other things that I'm using to help me plan this week:


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