3 Underrated Planner Inserts You Need To Try

The three underrated planner inserts are great to have in the home or reference sections of your planners.

Catalogue Tracker

Catalogue/Collection Tracker

If you have a personal collection that you're proud of, you can use this insert to catalogue your collection and keep up-to-date records.

Personally, I've been using it to catalogue my fictional books. But you can use it for a variety of collectibles - planner covers, fountain pens, vinyl records - just to name a few!

Product Reference List

Product Reference List

I designed this insert when I was having skin issues and I needed a way to keep track of products that works for me or that have been recommended to me.

Having a list I can quickly reference makes it so much easier to make an informed decision the next time I go shopping.

Besides skincare, you can also use it for beauty products, cleaning products or even for pet food!

Meals Reference List

Meals Reference List

A major adult problem that I hadn't anticipated: deciding what to cook for dinner every.single.day.

I didn't want to have to look up recipes every time so I came up with this insert. Now I can write down a list of meals I'd be happy to have along with their prep times and main ingredients.

This makes it super easy for me to decide what I should make with the time I have and the ingredients available in my kitchen. It also makes grocery shopping so much more efficient!

More Planner Things

Speaking of grocery shopping, how cute are these fruit-themed notepads?! They're perfect for quickly adding things to your grocery list.


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