3 Ways to Organise Your To Do List

The Daily Planner No. 14 has a super versatile layout that still provides a ton of structure. It's the perfect planner to help you plan your day in a way that best fits your needs!

Here are three ways you can use this planner to organise your daily to do list.

By Time of Day

Daily Planner No. 14 by Puffin Pages Co

You can use this planner to organise your tasks by morning, afternoon and evening.

I find that this makes my to-do list way more manageable and less intimidating. It also helps me focus and I'm less likely to multitask (and end up not getting anything done).

By Priority

Daily Planner No. 14 by Puffin Pages Co

Taking inspiration from the Franklin Planner system, you can use this planner to brain dump your tasks according to their priority level.

To give you an idea, here are my three levels of priority:

  • Top priority
  • Secondary priority
  • If I have extra time

By Areas

Daily Planner No. 14 by Puffin Pages Co

This is for all the side hustlers and anyone who takes on multiple roles, have multiple jobs or even multiple businesses!

You can use this planner to organise your tasks according to the different areas in your life.

Get the planner here.

More Planner Things

I've been slowly dipping my toes in fountain pens and I finally decided on the Platinum Preppy as my first fountain pen.

My reasons for this:

  • The price - it's less than £10 😲
  • Refillable with ink cartridges - way less intimidating for a newbie for me!

I'm curious - if you use a fountain pen, what was your first one? Comment below!

Even More Planner Things

I'm super excited to share our latest collaboration with Sam Plans on YouTube! There might even be a limited time discount code in there for you 😉


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hey! i love fountain pens, but its a versão expensive hobby! i started with the kakuno pilot and preppy, then i got a kaweco sport and now my fave is the twsbi eco. i had some others in between, but i just recommend these ones. i am positive you will love ♡


I love your inserts! They are so minimal and clean looking, but also very functional! And the Platinum Preppy is actually my go-to pen. I have so many that cost so much more, but it is still the most comfortable, and smooth pen to write with!

Dia Meraz

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