3 Academic Planners for College Students

This week's post is dedicated to all the students in the crowd! I wanted to share three academic planners that I wished I had when I was a student.

If you're in college or university, I hope these planners can help you accomplish all your goals for the new school year.

Academic Dates Tracker

Academic Dates Tracker by Puffin Pages Co

From social events to exam dates and important deadlines, the Academic Dates Tracker can be your go-to planner for staying on top of it all.

These layouts give you an overview of your entire semester, all in one place.

Assignment Tracker

Assignment Tracker by Puffin Pages Co

College workload can be intimidating! Enter the Assignment Tracker, designed to help you manage your coursework so you don't end up having to pull all-nighters.

Definitely not speaking from experience...

Reading List and Notes Bundle

Reading Notes and List Bundle by Puffin Pages Co

The Reading Notes page can help you break down complex academic reading materials, making the information much easier to process and understand.

Plus, you can easily reference it for any future coursework!

More Planner Things

Want to save on Academic Planners? Check out the Academic Planner Bundle.

This bundle includes ALL of Puffin Pages Co's academic planners and is up to 40% cheaper than buying them individually!

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