3 Planners to Organise Your Holiday Shopping

The holiday season is approaching and that means it's time to start planning your gift-giving and shopping! Unlike last year (ahem definitely not speaking for myself), this year we’re manifesting a stress-free holiday shopping experience 🙏

Here are three planners that will help you keep track of everything, from your shopping lists to your budget and product research.

Shopping List Tracker

Shopping List Tracker by Puffin Pages Co

Your ultimate sidekick for holiday shopping! Create lists for everyone you're shopping for, jot down gift ideas and check off items as you buy them. Stay organised and breeze through your shopping checklist.

Budget Planner

Budget Planner by Puffin Pages Co

Worried about overspending? Then you need this Budget Planner. Set a budget, track expenses and keep your finances in check. If you splurge on a few extra gingerbread lattes, just adjust and shuffle funds around to stay on top of your finances.

Product Reference List

Product Reference List by Puffin Pages Co

Navigating the world of online reviews? This one's for you. Keep product details, notes and ratings all in one place. Compare options, make informed decisions and be the savvy shopper you were destined to be.

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