3 Planners for Your Summer Adventures

There is something about the warmer weather that makes me want to be out exploring and visiting new places.

Here are three planner inserts that I use to help me stay organised whilst travelling.

Also, treat this as a reminder to plan out your budget before you go on your summer adventures!

Budget Planner

Budget Planner by Puffin Pages Co

How I use it: to allocate funds to different categories such as accommodation, transport, food and admission tickets.

Make sure to do your research beforehand so you know what a realistic budget looks like for your trip.

Expense Tracker

Expense Tracker by Puffin Pages Co

How I use it: to record expenses at the end of each travel day.

Monitoring my real-time expenses helps me identify any areas where I’m overspending (or even underspending!).

List Bundle No. 2

List Bundle No. 2 by Puffin Pages Co

How I use it: so many different ways!

  • Packling list
  • Pre-trip checklist
  • Places to eat and visit
  • Shopping list

The list bundle has versatile layouts so you can adapt it for multiple uses.

More Planner Things

Thinking of planning or journaling whilst travelling?

Check out the Delfonics Carrying Bag to help you organise your stationery supplies when you're on the road.


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